Burford Outdoor Wall Lights

Add Style and Sophistication with Our Burford Outdoor Wall lights.

Our Burford Outdoor Wall Lights are one of our most popular outside lights. Handmade in the UK this wall mounted light fitting is IP44 rated, making it ideal for use in walkways and around the outside of the house. You can add a corner bracket and PIR motion sensor for extra convenience. It is designed to be weatherproof and can withstand extreme temperatures and wet conditions. With its sleek design, this light adds a touch of sophistication to any outdoor space. Add an LED bulb and it will provide plenty of illumination without consuming too much energy, making it an economical choice for lighting up your home’s exterior.

burford outdoor wall lights

With a range of UK made lights to choose from, you can be sure that you’re getting the highest quality product on the market.

So why not add some style and sophistication to your garden with one of our lights today?

Adding a Motion Sensor to Your Outside Lights

Using Passive infrared sensors or PIR’s are great way to improve the security and ease of use in your home. But, there is no necessity to buy a light with a PIR unit already included. They provide security around your home, or make arriving home late on winter nights a lot more welcoming. One sensor can be made to trigger several lights at one time, so parking the car by the garage could turn on the light at the garage as well as your porch light or walkway lights. The possibilities are endless.

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With a range of lights, brackets, accessories and more you can be sure that this is an investment you will be pleased with for years to come. Rated IP44 these products are suitable for outdoor use so you can get the best experience possible when outdoors. Not only do Burford Lights provide outstanding quality but they also offer various powder-coated colour finishes. Including Matt Black, Slate (Dark Grey), Traditional Cream.

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